About Aerostar Global Logistics

Aerostar provides customers with a full suite of international and domestic shipping solutions. Our hands-on, consultative approach allows our team of experts to offer complete supply chain solutions for even the most demanding customers world-wide.

With feet on the ground around the world, our team understands the nuanced laws and cultures of each origin and destination. With Aerostar, you can rest assured that your supply chain is managed by a team of experts guided by a company-wide philosophy that the only way to true success is through partnership with our customers.

Our commitment to this philosophy has enabled us to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations from the start. Originally founded to offer service to some of the most demanding customers in the aerospace supply chain, Aerostar Global Logistics has refined its business practices over time to meet the most stringent customer requirements world-wide.

Today, Aerostar is a comprehensive logistics service provider offering a full suite of international and domestic shipping services, global warehousing solutions, quality assurance programs and fulfillment platforms. As we have since our founding, we use a consultative, hands-on approach to solving the most complicated supply-chain challenges in any industry that requires our special brand of customer service.